Hello from Dailey's Farm! We are so happy you found us.

Dailey's Farm & Walk-Behind Tractors is a small family run business consisting of myself Richard Dailey, my beautiful wife, and a handful of my 7 children. Our goal at Dailey's Farm is to provide great value to our customers through the combination of product expertise, exceptional customer service before and after the sale, personal attention, and discounted pricing!

When you purchase from us you can count on us for support for as long as you own your equipment. At Dailey's Farm, we use walk-behind tractors regularly for the maintenance of our small farm and market garden. I got into this business after I started using BCS walk-behind tractors for my own tasks around the farm. I was very impressed by the high quality of these machines and their effectiveness at accomplishing the various tasks for which they were designed. Not to mention they are super fun! Over the years while using the walk-behind tractor equipment and growing more fond of it, I began to look for a new business opportunity whereby I could incorporate my family into the business. By incorporating my family in the business, we strive to spend more time together and are also interested in seeking out a positive path of service to others (empowered by God of course).

One of my favorite things (besides God, my wife and my kids) is growing food. Walk-behind tractors are closely aligned with small scale vegetable production. Often times of the Organic variety, but not only. Anyway, as much as I enjoyed both of these things (vegetable production and walk-behind tractors) it seemed like a good direction to move toward for our new business. But whether our customers are organic minded or not, we have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to get you setup in the right tractor to meet your needs and your budget.

Of course, walk-behind tractor equipment can do so much more than prepare soil for growing. Take a look around our site and see some of the other options available for walk-behind tractors. If you have questions please give us a call or email, especially for "unpublished discounted pricing". We are happy to meet new customers and help answer questions and give advice based upon our personal experience with the equipment. When you are ready to come out, we stock many models of tractors and attachments in Yagmur, BCS, and Grillo brand. We have a better inventory and selection than just about any dealer in the USA. Our specialization in walk-behind tractors, our use of them regularly in the field to run our farm, and the fact that we outsell practically every dealer in the USA, gives us an advantage over nearly all dealers in the USA. Combine that with our discounted prices, and we have a winning formula for our customers. If you are not local, no problem, we ship all across North America. So, if you are inclined, give us a try. I am confident you won't regret it!

We very much appreciate you considering doing business with us!

God bless.

Richard Dailey - General Manager